About Us

our history

The Story Behind Our Company


Alta Capital Advisors was Born

With many small businesses created from a great salesman, the production, operational, & financial pillars of success are rarely defined. We were founded on the basis of strengthening the financial pillar for small businesses.

March 2018


Expanding into New Industries

Stretching our Private Business reach from Medical to industries such as Marketing, Real Estate, Retail, E-Commerce, 3PL Warehousing, Consultative, Dental & Oral Surgery

October 2019

Strategic Partners

Relationship Development

Alta Capital established a key relationship with a Private Equity firm in Southern California & several banks to provide funding for growth to clientele

November 2020

With 10+ years of working in small businesses as Accountants, Controllers, & CFO’s, our team have the experience & understand what it takes to provide financial transparency for any business, no matter the industry. We strongly believe that all business owners should understand whats taking place in their businesses, financially. Otherwise, how can you make strategic decisions without accurate data?

One of the biggest complaints we hear from small business CEO’s is the lack of confidence & understanding of their monthly financials. Common statements we hear are, “How do I know what I’m looking at is accurate?”, & “The Profit & Loss Statement is a mess. I can’t even follow what’s taking place financially”, & lastly “How can I manage my expenses better to increase my EBITDA?”.

We understand that these are common questions for many business owners & we take it upon ourselves to provide financial transparency wherever we go. Understanding your financials doesn’t have to be intimidating. They can be simple & valuable once you understand what’s taking place in your business.

our process

How We Tackle Challenges


Define the problem. Every problem we're solving has a level of complexity & some uncertainty. In simply breaking down the challenges, we often find some insight into the answer to our problem quite quickly.



We focus our efforts on levers within the practices that have big impacts on the problems & the ones that we have the ability to change.



Once we know what data we want to pull & work with, we use several problem-solving methodologies & test our data in coming up with what we believe to be the best solution.



In collaboration with the doctor, we present our findings & action plans in order to make corrective, financial decisions, to get their practice back on point.


Skill and Knowledge

Combined Skill From Our Team

People and Communication skills
Small Business Knowledge
Client Passion & Drive
Accounting & Finance Knowledge

Your small business CFO at a fraction of the price